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    I Can't Get It Out Of My Head

    I’ve owned a lot of MGB-GTs over the years. If I could ever love a car like a woman, that would be it. In the early 70s, I owned a red MG like the one in the above picture, wire wheels and all. Late one night, I was cruising home — well above the speed limit — on a winding country road. I was as sober as a judge. Suddenly, I lost control. The car swerved left, flew up an embankment, and flipped several times before coming to a rest in an upright position in a cow pasture. Why none of the wooden fenceposts I took out came through the windshield is beyond me. I saw them, and I distinctly remember watching the windshield pop away, with the open field of dirt and grass coming perilously close to my face as the car rolled. My skull banged into the unpadded headliner like a soccer ball bouncing wildly inside an old Whirlpool dryer. 

    When it was over, I climbed out of the now demolished vehicle and hobbled over to the single-lane road, hoping someone would come. It was probably close to midnight. Within minutes, I heard an approaching vehicle and as it neared me, I could see I was, quite literally, drenched in blood all the way down to my knees. With my feet planted firmly on the paved road, I stood my ground, waving my arms in the air. There was no way I was going to let that car get around me. Thank God, they stopped.

    Did I think I was going to die? No, I don’t think so. Did I wonder if I was more injured than I felt? The thought probably crossed my mind. What I do know, though, is that I never lost consciousness and I never panicked or overreacted. 

    When I got to the hospital, I remember getting a head x-ray at some point. In what order, I can’t say, but it wasn’t until the emergency room doctor examined me that it was discovered what the source of all the blood was — a quarter-inch cut just above my right temple. I may have looked like I was near death, but I wasn’t. Of course, the doctor pulled a few shards of glass out of my scalp and I continued to do so for weeks and weeks after the accident. I was banged up quite a bit, but overall, I was in good shape. No concussion or any significant damage to speak of.

    Oh, what I’d give to own another red MGB-GT…

    But that’s not my point. I think it’s obvious to everyone that any type of cut to the head will produce a lot of blood, and in most cases, it looks worse than it usually is. That’s my point, and it’s the way I feel about George Zimmerman’s injuries the night of the shooting. He looked worse than he was and it wasn’t even close to how awful I looked the night of my wreck, and to be perfectly honest, the fear of death never crossed my mind. It did the next day, after I saw what was left of my car and I realized how close I came. Luck or God or something was on my side that fateful night and, to this very day, the experience is still quite vivid in my mind.

    — § —

    Below are a series of photographs of George Zimmerman taken inside the Sanford Police Department the night of the shooting. While I agree there was some sort of scuffle, I do not feel it ever reached a level where it was life-threatening for anyone until the gun was introduced. At the same time, I understand that we all have different pain tolerances. There is also a problem with when to say when. By that, I mean I wouldn’t expect Zimmerman to be beaten to a bloody pulp before retaliating. However, at what point should a person say enough is enough? When is the line drawn?

    Does this look like a man with a broken nose? Does the back of his scalp reflect someone whose head was bashed into a sidewalk over a dozen times, as he told Sean Hannity? Is this the face of a man who, moments earlier, was teetering on the edge of death?

    These are some of the questions that will arise during the ‘Stand Your Ground’ hearing. While I don’t see the types of injuries Zimmerman said he sustained, what do you think? In my opinion, these pictures reflect what any normal person in Trayvon’s situation would have done on that night. He would have STOOD HIS GROUND and fought for his life. De hombre a hombre. Until the gun was fired.


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    Reader Comments (36)

    Dave: lol It was a beautiful car and I'm glad you survived!

    You make a good point, a very good point.

    Just recently I witnessed a man fall over his bicycle and hit his head on a street sign. (Yep, he was not wearing a helmet.) Anyway, within the 5 minutes it took for the ambulance to arrive, the blood was literally pooled on the sidewalk. He required 10 stiches and also he had a concussion.

    Anyway, I digress.

    I have always failed to see any evidence of the kind of life threatening injuries Mr. Zimmerman and his father refer to. It's just not there, imo.

    I like your conclusion, too. Trayvon Martin had every reason to stand his ground. Except he lost to a man with a depraved mind and a gun.


    Thanks for the great post.

    Oh, since you dared put this in your post--I have to comment on it. NO! I don't believe he had a broken nose. That is why he would not go to the doctor--in spite of repeated urgings--until the next day. And only went then because he had to get a 'doctor's note' to please his employer.

    [I think Z is a smart feller, nan11, or is that a fart smeller? The nose knows, and his brain told him not to get x-rays or any other test that would determine the extent of his injuries. Why? Because they would have shown that he was not as injured as he said he was. The same thing with the huge butterfly bandages his wife put on the back of his head the next day. They were intended to make him look totally battered. What fakes they are.

    Oh yes... my car. It was a real beauty and it handled like a dream. The accident was not the car's fault. I never should have been driving that fast, but hey! I was, tops, 20-years-old. Foolish, I'd say.


    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Hi Dave! Great post and you bring up great points. GZ injuries were nothing. What a scaredy cat he is! But whatever happened between Trayvon and GZ while scuffling on the ground is a moot point to me. They both had reason to defend themselves once the scuffling started. It is the moments BEFORE the scuffle and eventual shooting that I believe prompted both into a situation to defend themselves. If GZ had let the cops arrive and do their job, he would not have been put into a situation where he felt he had to defend himself. GZ was a predator that evening and stalked and scared the living s$%t out of Trayvon. GZ caused the 'cause and affect' of what unraveled and became a murderer that night. GZ was not trained to chase down an unknown person. GZ took matters into his own untrained hands and the result is a murder of an innocent person. GZ's actions before the actual scuffle and eventual shooting is what jumps out at me. If GZ had stayed in his vehicle and kept an eye on Trayvon's movements for police, then he would have been within his realm of expertise as a neighborhood watch captain. GZ didn't know who he was dealing with that evening and if GZ had been the one who died - it would have been his own fault for not letting trained LE handle what GZ perceived a threat.

    If GZ had let Trayvon Martin go about his business that evening, an innocent young kid would have made it home to his dad's residence safe and sound and GZ wouldn't be in the jam he's in now. GZ had no reason to suspect the innocent actions of Trayvon heading back to the apartment.

    So if the prosecution wants to zero in on GZ's actions before the obscure happenings that resulted from GZ's predation of Trayvon, then there is no 'grey area' to contend with. GZ could be charged with criminally negligent homicide and it would probably stick and they could get a conviction. Right? GZ didn't intend to kill Trayvon, but his criminal negligence, grandiose thinking and untrained actions caused the death of Trayvon. I think they could even get a plea agreement on that and call it a day. At least it could be a sure thing that way instead of hoping to prove murder. Just sayin'.

    [Hello, nymima - Thank you. I was going to lead into something else, but decided to stick with this theme - that GZ's injuries were not what he made them out to be. Not even close. As a matter of fact, his whole story stinks because the crime scene spanned a much greater area than the sidewalk T, where the two met. Of course, what we have to look forward to at the SYG hearing will be lie after lie after lie, and the judge will have to decipher fact from fiction. The most interesting part to me will be what judge hears it. No matter who's in charge of the courtroom, the judge is not going to be blind to what Z and his wife pulled at the indigency hearing. The judge is not going to be oblivious to the other lies Z told. I think, what we'll see Monday, is a dramatic move to appeal Judge Lester in hopes that he just decides to step down for the sake of continuing without further delay. Whatever happens, and if it does, the next judge will uphold all of the prior orders, including the bond amount and confining him to Seminole County.

    Yes, had Z just left TM alone that night... but it's too late now. I just hope justice is served. Nothing more; nothing less.

    As for any felony conviction - any at all - there is still the 10-20-life law (Florida Statute 775.087).

    1) producing a firearm during the commission of certain felonies mandates at least a 10-year prison sentence;

    2) firing one mandates at least a 20-year prison sentence; and

    3) shooting someone mandates a minimum sentence of 25 years regardless of whether a victim is killed or simply injured. The maximum penalty is a life sentence unless the defendant is charged with felony murder or first degree murder in which case the maximum is the death penalty.

    Any felony conviction will bring him a minimum 25 year sentence.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenternymima

    I'm a mother of 2 girls, one of which was "the boy to beat" to be accepted by the other boys on the block. So I know how much head injuries bleed. The first time it happened I was hysterical and my then husband told me the blood vessels are closer to the surface in the head so head injuries bleed more than any other place on your body. I think the same thing today that I thought when this first happened. When GZ was confronted with TM the kid said "why are you following me?" and GZ made a move to restrain him somehow. Something caused TM to punch him in the nose and I think he fell to the concrete as a result of that punch causing those injuries. When TM got on top of him it was to keep him from hitting back - maybe he did punch him or hit his head onto the concrete once or twice for good measure. What is most troubling to me is that one link that Nan11 put up that had the sound of a gun being taken off of safety and being cocked while he (GZ) was running to see where TM went. That's troubling and smacks of premeditation to me. It was like he was going to stop that thief even if he had to use deadly force to do it. I don't think he was in fear for his life, I think he was mad that the kid had knocked him down and hit him. The kid was standing his ground pure and simple.

    lol Dave, your story above reminded me of when a cousin of mine wrecked his car by hitting a car head on.. back then they didn't have a seat belt law, so he was thrown clear. He got up, walked over to the car and saw the steering wheel was 2 inches from the back of the seat he'd been sitting in. He promptly fainted. The second thought I had while reading it was "ahhhhhhhhh so that's where all the hair went" lol.

    [Not only are they closer to the surface of the head, Connie, there are more of them. What little protection there is serves to protect the brain from injury.

    There's no doubt in my mind that Z approached TM with flashlight and gun in hand. The flashlight served to blind the boy, who probably swung to take it out of his eyes. This was no cop who was staring him down and Trayvon knew it. From that point on he was standing HIS own ground.

    One thing about that particular gun. There is no safety and it's chambered once the clip goes in. That wouldn't stop Z from pulling the clip back to make sure it was ready to fire, which could have been what that clicking noise was. Whether it smacks of premeditation could be argued because he didn't set out to shoot anybody that night, but he sure was looking for a fight. Without that gun, Z was nothing more than a eunuch.

    Your right about the seatbelt law, and even though it had one, I was not wearing it. After the first clunk on my head, I laid down on the passenger seat, but I still bounced around hitting it again and again. I was very lucky I wasn't ejected. Clutching that seat definitely saved me in the end. Believe it or not, I did have a full head of hair back then, and no, it didn't tear my scalp off. My baldness came naturally. Of course, I don't know how much the hits affected my brain.]

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenterconniefl

    Notice how on the night of the 26th, Zimmerman's biggest concern was that his head hurt: Quote: Page 15 (Narrative by Officer T. Smith): "This narrative is a supplemental to my original narrative on 2/27/2102. It should be noted that I was in contact with Zimmerman from the time that I secured him on scene, until the time that he was released from investigative detention.

    Zimmerman was treated on scene by SFD for his injuries. Zimmerman was given the opportunity by SPD, while on scene at Retreat View Circle, to be transported to the hospital in order to be examined by a doctor for his injuries. Zimmerman declined.

    While en route to the Sanford Police Department with Zimmerman, he complained that his head hurt and that he felt a little light headed. I asked Zimmerman if he would like to go to the hospital. Zimmerman stated that he wasn’t sure what to do. I advised Zimmerman that it was his choice, and that I would drive him to the hospital. Zimmerman declined once again to be taken to Central Florida Regional.

    Once I arrived at the Sanford Police Department with Zimmerman, he was placed in an interview room. Zimmerman was provided with tissues and a bottle of water. Zimmerman was asked once again if he felt the need to go to the hospital, or if he wanted SFD to come back out to take another look at him. Zimmerman declined and stated “I think I’ll be ok.”

    I kept a constant watch on Zimmerman through two way mirror glass. At no point did Zimmerman exhibit any behaviors that warranted my concern for immediate medical attention.

    I also made contact with Zimmerman every 15-20 minutes (approximately) to check his status, or to see if he had any requests. During my contact with him, Zimmerman only requested for more tissues, more water, and to go to the bathroom. Zimmerman did not make any more complaints about feeling light headed."

    The following are the oral interviews with three of the first responders on the scene that night. The only one that says Mr. Zimmerman's nose was 'broken' was Mr. O'Rourke--whom Mr. O'Mara called at the 2nd bond hearing, iirc. He also said that 45% of George's 'cheeks' and back of his head were covered in blood.

    Okay--cheeks and back of his head. Most people, when their nose is broken, will have a severe nose bleed. Perhaps Zimmerman was the exception, but where is the significant blood on his front?

    There appears to be a very moderate amount that pooled in his mustache--from a light nose bleed, maybe; and, mixed with some that appears to have ran 'forward' from the small cuts on the back of his head. imo.

    Oops, I forgot--he was lying on his back. Why would that blood have ran forward?

    Mike Brandy

    Kevin O'Rourke

    Stacey Livingston

    Yes, and besides the maxi pads put on by the little wife--he also appeared for the media with a little strip of what looked to me like scotch tape across his nose, which was also put there by Shellie. And we all know to what extent she will go to for her husband.


    [You know, nan11, nothing gets by you. You've got Officer Timothy Smith followed up by the paramedics. You're right about O'Rourke, and I was at that hearing. I almost sensed that he and Zimmerman were familiar with each other and things were going Z's way until de la Rionda got ahold of him. He seemed to have lost his support for Z after that He didn't turn negative, but he certainly sat up and straightened out.

    Knowing Z now, I wouldn't put it past him to smear the blood around on his face. Nothing would surprise me about this sneaky little weasel. That's probably how the blood spread around. He's well trained in the art of finding sympathizers. The big bandages the next day is proof of that. I'm surprised he didn't hobble around on a cane!]

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    George Zimmerman overemphasized, overacts, overlies, the character of a sneak. Maybe his nose had a hairline fracture inside, I don't know. Certainly if it has been "BROKEN" I would expect more bruise and more discoloration around the eyes. The scalp wounds? My guess they are not from any repeat hard hits of his head on the sidewalk, as he so illustrated. More like he backed into a limb and got some scratches. How in the heck are we going to have the back of our head bashed as many times as he stated on cememt and not show any BRUISING here either. The man said his head was going to EXLODE! It appears that Trayvon may have tried to strike out in defense of himself and only his fingertips made contact, like fingernail cuts on the front of GZ's face. Someone mentioned before that if Trayvon had been holding his hands over GZ's mouth and nose as he indicated in one of the videos, his nose would have been squashed all over his lying face while BLEEDING profusely. That's my guess anyway, and I think the prosecution can be just as nit picky as I am regarding his injuries. You know to a baby, if they get a boo boo it is the biggest hurt ever when mommy can't find a whisper of a scratch. George is a boo boo baby with a gun. Shellie is his mommy! Daddy is his grandpa patting him on the head (OUCH!) while standing behind every little bull story he thinks up. For some reason this guy can't draw any sympathy from me. if GZ didn't do anything DELIBERATELY then he wouldn't need to lie. For crying out loud, he could have claimed "accident", WHY? Because he is proud of what he did, he expects to be rewarded for it. First with money, all he can possibly claim and then freedom as a hero to carry out his trade.

    Dave, 20 and a car like that? Well, there isn't much more a young man would want is there? What a little beauty, what a loss for you! The point you have made with your personal experience is added proof of the stretching of truth GZ has done to try and cover his gr-ass, trying to make Trayvon the strong aggressive one. Gives me chills! Trayvon calling for help in his last attempt at survival as his killer, George Zimmerman placed a gun to his heart. POW, Trayvon's life is taken after which Georgie expects us all to kiss his boo boo!

    [Trauma + Drama = Traumatist. Actually, NP, there's going to be more about this SYG hearing. I'm going to go into the legal aspect of it and what it entails. Coming from a non-lawyer, of course, but I've been studying! Actually, one of these days, my head is going to explode.

    One of the most compelling parts of GZ's story and the actual evidence is this:

    If Zimmerman's nose was punched by Trayvon, we can explain why Z's nose was bleeding. OK, fine. Here's the big problem with his claim, though... If Trayvon covered Z's mouth and nose, while hitting him again and again, smashing his head into the concrete over and over and over again, WHY WAS NO BLOOD FOUND ON TRAYVON'S HANDS or sleeves?

    That's my big question. George Zimmerman is a liar, liar, liar, and that's the reason why I have chosen to take sides here. Like I've said time and time again, Zimmerman may have had a right to have a gun, but he had no right to use it. He overstepped his bounds. Way, way over.

    Thanks, New Puppy.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    I had a scalp biopsy for Lupus. Just one small punch and blood ran down my head for an hour. The doctor said it was a very vascular area and is also why it heals so fast.

    [Hiya, charlee! Great seeing you. You're right... my bleeding stopped soon after the accident, but I did get blood in the car of the people who stopped, who, by the way, I not only knew, I was very close to. Ironically, it was my girlfriend's brother and his girlfriend, out cruising around.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercharlee

    Today I am soooo over GZ and his lies. What a piece of chit. GZ has a big problem though......God knows.

    [Piece of chit is an understatement. The guy's a human flop. I'm sure he's way ahead of any trial. He expects to be exonerated and have book and movie deals waiting. I'm sure he's working on them as we write. A real legend in his own mind. Look at the money the Zimmites are throwing his way.]


    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNewbie

    ConnieFl: Wow. I finally got around to watching the First 48 link.

    No, it doesn't say that Pedro stole his truck radio twice--but it does say that this was the 2nd time that someone stole his truck radio.

    The Judge's ruling really causes me a great deal of concern.

    I had to watch close, but I do believe that I saw the defendant show a little remorse for his victim, Pedro. I saw him show a great deal of love and concern for his own son, (and for himself), in particular.

    It appeared to me as though there was no evidence that Pedro (the victim) attacked the defendant who had chased him down and stabbed him. On the surveillance video, you cannot see Pedro swing the bag. You can, however, see the stabbing. But the judge gives little weight to the video.

    The Judge says that the greater weight of the evidence supports the testimony that the victim turned around and flung the bag with his right hand—I haven’t a clue how she arrived at that decision.

    I realize that we didn’t see much of the actual trial, but she must have arrived at that decision from other testimony. I'm guessing it was the testimony of the defendant, even though his story had somewhat dramatically changed by trial time.

    Addressing the confrontation, the judge said that there was no evidence that the defendant did not act out of fear and justifiable self-defense; but, I wonder what evidence showed that he was acting from fear and in self-defense. I guess the defendant's word was enough.

    I don’t know what kind of law condones the taking of a man’s life for stealing a car radio. A bad one, to say the least—a very bad one.

    All I can think of is ‘justice for Trayvon Martin’. No wonder they are judge shopping. Imhoo

    I’ll post the link again, in case anyone wants to watch it.
    Originally Provided by Conniefl | AETV | After The First 48 – Stolen Lives/Crimson Trail

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Thing is with noses theres no such thing as a fractue ..Look at a scull empty eye sockets no bone empty nasal cavity no bone. Your bone is constructed from cartlidge a fractured nose is a broken nose .Being cartlige though cartlige isnt brittle an is resiliant an pliable so moves in a way impossable for bone.So any damage ie break is broken .GZ injurys are consistant to a swollen / bruised cartlige injury.Wich basicly the way cartlige is deseigned to function.In laymans terms forgett bone an think tough grizzell / plastecine type of tissue wich is easy to bruise an swell.But very very hard to break. ....PS another astute short an sharp anti histronoc man Dave,,,,,the opposite of cease an dissist should apply to your writting/voice of reason..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,continue for continuously............................................or an some utter lingo............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................. add infinitum..........................................

    [I think GZ got his nose pushed in, but was it a defensive move on TM's part? I truly believe it was, although I have no real proof. GZ's stories just don't add up and that's what leads me to think he was the aggressor. I also agree with you about the nose being resilient. It bounces back unless it's really broken. His bounced back.

    Thank you, ecossie. I shall soldier on! I'm glad you appreciate and understand what I'm trying to say. It's nothing more than common sense when you think about it. GZ was not banged up like he said he was and that's all there is to it.]

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenterecossie possie

    Thanks Ecossie Possie, I better understand the nose now and retract my adamant implication that he had no "broken nose" just pushed on by Trayvon and apparently no blood vessels were spouting. Why is it when I get a nose bleed just sitting around minding my own business and the darn thing almost bleeds me out??? I'd Like to know more about this because those little bleeders can come
    from close to the nostril to up higher for which for some people need to be stuffed with packing until bleeding stops.

    [I used to get nosebleeds all the time when I was a child. I had to get my nose cauterized. They didn't stop until my late teens, I think.

    Oh, yes... the car... Yup, before my MGs, I owned a '65 Mustang with air conditioning and an 8-track tape deck. I was right! I had me a beautiful girlfriend, too. That pencil sketch? That's her. How I managed to do all that back then is something I've never been able to figure out, much less duplicate, although I have had some incredibly good times. Oh well.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    GZ's complaint of a broken nose started with the EMT's saying it "appeared to be broken" but nothing definite. However, GZ told other people that he was close to losing consciousness due to his head being beat against the concrete but it's likely he never said that to the EMT's or they would have transported him to the ER to rule out any brain trauma due to this alleged beating. There's no mention of this in their report and they would have been guilty of medical negligence if they were aware of it. GZ was able to make a big deal out of his injuries due to uneducated people thinking that the blood on his head equaled a serious injury. Yet he never saw an ENT or had any x-rays. In fact, the only reason he went to see his primary doctor was due to needing clearance to return to work. GZ's own actions, not seeking further treatment, indicate a lack of serious injury. He didn't want to be evaluated further, IMO, because he knew that his two little cuts to his head and the few minor scratches on his face would certainly be no deemed life-threatening nor would any physician provide a medical report that would back up his story. ER doctors know what a life-threatening beating looks like and GZ's were anything but life-threatening.

    There are so many inconsistencies in his story and his interview with Hannity only provided further proof for the prosecution that he cannot tell the truth about anything.

    [Hi, KateNC. You're 100% right! No one diagnosed him with a broken nose. No one. Not even his doctor the next day. One of the good things about his stories and lies is that the court system won't put up with him. He's not used to this sort of thing because he's been a pampered little boy all his life. I agree with you on the ER doctors. He was well aware of it, too, that the doctors would have diagnosed him with a boo boo and that's all. No broken nose; no concussion.

    I can't wait to see what de la Rionda does with the Hannity interview. That will be fun to watch, as he dissects it in front of our eyes.

    Thank you. I appreciate your opinion. Feel free to offer it any time you like!]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterKateNC

    A little something to lighten the mood:
    YouTube Video | Published on Aug 11, 2012 by LLMPapa | An Answer To A Detective's Question

    Dave: The following link is appearing here and there on the blogs. If you have time to read a long-- and shall we say, intriguing--interview, I would highly recommend it.

    I think you will very much appreciate the intricacies.

    Trouble is, it is also difficult to read due to its format. I copied and pasted the whole thing into my word program. It worked perfectly.

    The interviewee is purported to be Georgie's paternal Grandfather.

    An Interview with ROBERT W. ZIMMERMANN, June 10, 1992

    [Sorry, I was busy for awhile... I watched LLMPapa's short video. Yes, Looney Tunes for sure. I will get to the Robert Z interview when I'm ready to settle in for the night, which won't be long now. It's just after 10, my time. Thanks.]

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    SORRY Typo above I meant to write your nose is constructed from cartlige as oppose what I wrote............................Thing is with noses theres no such thing as a fracture ..Look at a scull empty eye sockets no bone empty nasal cavity no bone. Your bone is constructed from cartlidge a fractured nose is a broken nose .Being cartlige though ...............................Sorrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeee

    [No problem for me, ecossie, I understood you.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterecossie possie

    Dave, one doesn't need to be an attorney to understand and support right against wrong, If it was not for all the "little people" who supply them with all the thoughts, possibilities AND FACTS, they wouldn't have a job. Certainly for this crime there are more who feel as you do than not. Even LAW people. The admirable thought for you is that you do not PRETEND to be a lawyer or authority in the field, yet you put time and effort into bringing us up to date, facts known and more than enough to invite thought and comment in discussions. Some of us take advantage and do not appreciate all you do, For sure you are not misleading anyone and although leaving a feeling you are one of us, you far exceed most by your diligence and effort as you keep contributing your high level of intelligence for our benefit. Even lawyers, at the moment, are questioning and learning from "the people" who have no professional titles at all, and that says a lot of positive about you.

    [Well, thank you very much, New Puppy. I do try my best, but occasionally, I slip up. I enjoy doing what I'm doing and I'm definitely not trying to hurt anyone or do any harm. Your words of encouragement really do help me, believe it or not. I just want to keep plugging along, learning as I go.]

    August 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Appart from a couple of intimate area butthole pee pee the nose is the 3 rd most heavily blood vessells part of the human body..Sorry to be crude but aliments likw pilee/ hemeroids happen due to high proximity of blood vesse .Similar with noses a lot of chronic bleeds are caused by ruptures small blood vessel .Smakk but boy can they bleed..Some thing as simple as an errant nose hair could lead to busttinn a blood vessell..So New Puppy many people suffer heavt nose bleeds throug no apparent traum a...Sneezing change in air pressure many things can start a bleed.l

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenterecossie possie

    ecossie possie: Okay. I do agree with you.

    Bear with me here, please. I personally know a man that got hit in the nose with the back gate of a dump truck--you know, the part that swings when they are dumping a load of gravel.

    And believe me, that guy had a broken nose. And it took months, and months, and more months to heal.

    If, and only if Zimmerman's nose was factured--because we will never no for a certainty--it does not in any way appear to have been a serious facture. Nothing life threatening. No reason to shoot a 17 year old straight through the heart.

    And remember we saw him the next day with his 'Shellie' band-aids and see-through tape. The very next day.


    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Nan that "After the First 48" video didn't show the prior radio theft. On the original crime show about it, the witness said his friend wanted him to go with him to rob the guy, that it was easy - he'd done it before. This is what happened after the crime case when it came to trial. You're right I didn't see him swing the bag either, and it does bring up the judge shopping that is being tried now. All they have to get is one judge like the one on that show and it could go GZ's way.

    Speaking of the judge shopping, I had a thought. It wouldn't surprise me if MOM did appeal the judge's bias ruling. To me it would be a way to stall the trial and/or the SYG hearing until such a time that the blogs and talk about the case would die down to a whimper - he could get a more unbiased jury then I'd think. But the facts and evidence speak for Trayvon, not George, so it could blow up in their face.

    [Ironically, when Judge Strickland was asked to step down, every attorney in town and in the media said the same thing: Be careful what you wish for. If this defense files an appeal/stay motion, I hope they end up with the chief judge.]

    August 11, 2012 | Registered Commenterconniefl

    So George’s head took a licking and his contacts kept sticking? Jeepers Creepers were did you get those peepers . . .

    He also mentioned during an interview that he had “blood in his eyes” and yet I can’t seem to find any mention of or treatment for or follow up for an “exposure incident” as per OSHA/blood pathogens/Hepatitis/HIV precautions in the document dumps, including his medical records following the murder of Trayvon Martin. Surely he does not expect me to believe that EMTs poured peroxide in his eyes. O_o

    George’s injuries, specifically to the back of his head, remind me of the razor days of the WWF or whatever its called now.

    IMO George got out of his vehicle stupid armed and dangerous, leaving all his valuables in the vehicle like his keys and wallet, including his license to carry a concealed weapon. Can’t chance getting the cowboy chit beat out of you and then get robbed while you lie there unconscious in your own crapulence. As evidenced by George’s failure to produce the license on the scene and LE’s need to ID him through ofcs Smith and Mead, “Neighbors” and LE cellphone pic. IIR the ID came “later” at the Sanford Police station more than likely after a visit from Florence Nightmare.

    I spoke with a very kind customer service rep “Karen” with the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services: Licensing Division, she stated that the license MUST be in your possession [ie on you] if carrying concealed or you can be arrested. NOPE not George he doesn’t have any stinking rules or laws of God or man blah blah blah.

    I double dog doo doo dare George to SYG

    [Hi, mimmie. Yes... stupid, armed and dangerous. The idiot went against all policy. He ignored the police, the rules of the NW program, and the bylaws of the community he lived in. He took the law in his own hands. The man is a threat because his total lack of remorse shows that he didn't learn a thing. He considers himself a national hero; a living shrine.

    I find it quite interesting that he ignored the license law. Just more proof that he really does consider himself above the law. Hell, he IS the law, according to the Book of George. Thanks for your opinion and the law info.]

    August 12, 2012 | Unregistered Commentermimmie

    There is a good photographic slide show of all the evidence at the following link.

    Pictures 23 & 25 show the back of Georgie's jacket.

    It just amazes me how pristine it looks. According to the first responding officer, (T. Smith); Zimmerman's back appeared to have been wet and was covered with grass just a few hours earlier.

    Pity they did not seem to bother capturing that in photos.

    WUSA9 Photos | George Zimmerman Injury

    This one has a boring title, I know--and not much new; it contains a mention of the Anita Smithey case though. I am anxious for the outcome of that SYG hearing, too.
    Channel 6 News Online | Zimmerman defense team will seek ‘stand your ground’ hearing
    Quote: "The judge [Kenneth Lester, Jr.] is expected to rule later this month in her case, after attorneys for both sides submit written argument.

    O’Mara has not yet said what he’ll do about Lester, who rejected his request to step down from the case. O’Mara has until Monday to decide whether to appeal."

    [The last paragraph is my favorite part, nan11...

    "In court paperwork, he says Zimmerman fears he cannot get a fair hearing from Lester because the judge wrote in a $1 million bond order that Zimmerman is a manipulator who, along with his wife, hid $130,000 and a second passport from him."

    Well, DUH... He DID hide 130,000 Plus, and he DID hide a second passport from the court. If all a defendant has to do to seek a new judge is to lie to him/her, our judicial system is in serious trouble. When the judge acknowledges the deceit, that makes them biased? Go figure. Zimmerman wouldn't be in this trouble if he merely told the truth.]

    August 12, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Dave: I ran across a few--(very positive)--comments concerning your post that I linked below.

    I was wondering if you think there is a witness out there somewhere that would testify to the statement, which I quoted? This would fit in so well with DeeDee's story.

    I know that there are witnesses not yet disclosed, (or, at least I think there is.) Could this person be one of those?

    I know you shouldn't say too much; but, anything would give me hope. ; - )

    Marinade Dave | The Tragedy of Trayvon Martin
    Quote: "From what I was told near the scene, Zimmerman raced in front of Trayvon and swung around abruptly to face him."

    [Hmm, nan11... I will say that when I give someone my word that I will not give up their identity, I mean what I say, so there's no way I will disclose the person's name. What I will say about it is the person who told me was OK with mentioning it, but was not OK with publishing their name or location at the time. It was either the actual witness or someone the witness directly told. Either way, it was a solid and very credible statement.

    I wish I could tell you more, but as far as I'm concerned, I will consider it hearsay for now, but I won't leave you empty handed. Do I believe there's a witness out there who will testify to that? My response is yes, because that's precisely what I was told. Unfortunately, witness accounts have changed since I went inside the gated community, so who knows? Are there any undisclosed witnesses? One's not spoken for yet? I don't know.]

    August 12, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Any possibility of a SURPRISE witness coming through the doors, like we see on TV?

    [You mean from behind Door #1, #2, or #3?

    They have those curtains on TV, too.]

    August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Well, hope springs eternal, no? I'm sort of basing my hope on this article from the Sentinel.

    Orlando Sentinel | Dated: June 15, 2012 | Shoot Straight owner, now a George Zimmerman witness: 'He bought the gun from us'
    Quote: "A list of the evidence made available Friday identifies dozens of new witnesses, 21 of them whose names are being withheld to protect their privacy. Many other new witnesses also are named, including employees with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Seminole County Sheriff's Office and Sanford Police Department."

    [That's very encouraging. That Shoot Straight store is right down the street from me. As a matter of fact, I took a picture of the front sign and put it up on one of my posts. It advertised a concealed carry course. I went in, but the store he bought it from was recently torn down and a new one went up right next door. I used to go shoot pistols/target practice there with my younger brother. I have never owned a gun, and it was many years ago, but it was fun.]

    August 12, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    SURPRISE PRIZE, Shellie Zimmerman picks curtain #2.

    [Bernie de la Rionda is behind Curtain #2. She loses.]

    August 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Dave, I wish to add the following to your well written blog.

    Zimmerman claimed that he fired the fatal shot because Trayvon was repeatedly bashing his head on the concrete sidewalk and he (Zimmerman) thought his head was going to explode. However, both the body of Trayvon and the shell casing were found on the same spot and were nowhere near the concrete sidewalk Zimmerman claim his head was being bashed on. Zimmerman could not as such have feared for his life at the moment he fired the shots.

    In another account Zimmerman claimed that Trayvon while on top of him and pinning/straddling him to the ground saw his gun and started reaching for it with his right hand. At that point Zimmerman used the elbow of his right hand to (a) pinch Trayvon’s hand against his (Zimmerman’s) rib-cage, and (b) grab the gun underneath him in his waistband and (c) shoot Trayvon, etc. This account defiles the laws of elementary physics - physically impossible!

    There are other accounts of Zimmerman as to what lead him to (in Zimmerman's own word) “aim” his gun and kill (in Zimmerman's own words) "this kid". All the accounts put together or individually must make it fairly easy for any average prosecutor to demonstrate that Zimmerman was in no (reasonable) fear for his life/grave bodily harm when he fired the fatal shots.

    [I'm glad you found my post to be well written, Intel. Thank you.

    I'll bet the farm that you're right. There are way too many inconsistencies in Zimmerman's accounts of what transpired that night. There are too many holes, too. Unfortunately, the court can't deny a SYG motion simply because factual disputes are there. If the defense can factually establish that the use of deadly force occurred based on Florida statutes, the defendant will win. I'm in the process of writing about what the law says, and I hope to have it up by today or tomorrow. Personally, I don't think the evidence weighs in Zimmerman's favor, but we'll see. Right now, I'm waiting to find out what O'Mara has to say this morning in his big announcement.]

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIntel

    There is a lot of evidence in this case and the only gap is the few minutes after GZ was off the phone with the dispatch and on his way to confront Trayvon.
    There are only 2 people who know what happend during that time, GZ and Trayvon. Trayvon is not able to give his side casue GZ KILLED him and that is an unrefutable fact. GZ is the only source for what happend and he happens to be a liar and deceptive.
    Clearly GZ was out to get himself the bad guy that night, he was going to be the hero of the community, he was gonna put everyone at ease and fell like they are safe again.
    He had it in his mindset that Trayvon was a bad guy, from the first sight of him wandering through the neighborhood. He had Trayvon "on something and up to no good" with "his hands in his waistband". This is all while he was on the phone with police who were en route.
    GZ got out of his car he was not letting this "A-hole" get away as they always do".
    He had no fear because he had his gun. He knew Trayvon knew he was there.
    Bottom line is GZ reagrdless of he says was going out to get this guy and not let him get away.
    So GZ confronts and trys to restrain Trayvon, Trayvon tries to fight back and yells for help, at some point GZ shoots Trayvon. GZ's account of the incident does not add up to the circumstances that would warrant such actions.
    After shooting Trayvon GZ immediately claims "self defense", not "oh my god this kid/guy just attacked me", not "this kid/guy was trying to kill me" , just "SELF DEFENSE" and "man, Call my wife and tell her I shot someone." That's it!
    I say kid/guy as GZ states on phone to police dispatch as being in his late teens yet in his so called apology to Trayvon parents he states him to be older like himself.
    So when the police inform him of who shot and killed - no remorse, no sadness, nothing!
    Even states on national TV that he has "no regrets" and it was "God's plan".
    Come on man, unless your a cold blooded murder, you have to have some regrets. I am sure the police officers who shoot and kill a person that was shooting at them have regret. I am sure that soldiers invovled in warfare have regrets. BUT no NOT GZ none what so ever!
    If GZ had confronted a bona fide criminal that night this discussion would not be happening and someone would be in jail. Cause GZ would have met his maker and the person responsible would be in jail where Zimmerman belongs.
    So I have said at the very outset of this case had GZ just treated Trayvon like a normal human being with respect that he deserves and just rolled up to Trayvon and said "What's up I'm George from the Neighborhood Watch and we have had some break in here, have you seen anything suspicious? Are from here? " the whole debacle would have been avoided and Trayvon would still be alive to "skip" thru life.
    Trayvon would have been put at ease and knew why GZ was following him. GZ would have known what Trayvon was doing there.
    End of problem but George did it all wrong and now he should suffer the consequences.
    The End

    [You speak the sentiments of millions of people, John, and you are absolutely right, especially on two key points. Without the gun to empower him, Zimmerman would not have opened the door to his vehicle, let alone get out of it. The gun gave him the power and the glory he was seeking, but it backfired like a nuclear explosion. Also, had he just told Trayvon who he was and why he was following him in his truck, he would have saved a life that night instead of taking one. Those were his two fatal mistakes among the many that went wrong. Why he acted so impulsively is beyond the scope of understanding. He went to get himself a bad guy and, instead, wound up being one.

    Thank you for your thoughtful commentary. You hit the nail right on the head.]

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered Commenterjohn

    Dave: I'm waiting on the presser, too. They highly doubt it will be 'live', but they promise to 'tweet' about it. (That's fair. LOL)

    Anyway, I'll add these links. One for the 'Motion To Continue"; and the second for the judges order stating the Mr. Zimmerman 'must' appear on October 3, 2012. I don't believe that we have seen O'Mara's motion requesting this--but I'm sure it exists.

    Second Motion To Continue
    Quote: ...”And herby moves to continue this case, ... {snipped}
    Docket Sounding was previously continued in this matter to Wednesday, August 8, 2012.
    Defendant needs additional time to prepare.
    Defendant requests an additional two docket continuance.
    Defendant understands that speedy trial has previously been waived.
    The non-moving party stipulates to this Motion.
    Counsel certifies that this motion is made in good faith.”

    ...Dated: August 6, 2012

    Notice To Appear Before The Honorable Kenneth R. Lester, Jr.
    Quote: ”Your appearance on the following day(s) is MANDATORY and your failure to appear will result in forfeiture of bond.”

    [It's 1:40pm, nan11, and we're STILL waiting...]

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    YouTube Video | Published on Aug 10, 2012 by LLMPapa | Gonna Have To Believe Him

    Intel: Have you seen this video yet? Pause it at about 1:03 minute mark, and note the positions of his hands.

    It looks to me like he is demonstrating how he grabs Trayvon's sweaters with his left hand, holds the gun in his right hand, and extends his right arm out to fire the shot.

    It 'fits' with the evidence released showing that there was a contact wound to Trayvon's clothing, but an 'intermediate' range shot to Trayvon's chest.

    The 'bunching up' of the sweaters and pulling them away from Trayvon's body is the reason for 'contact' shot, as well as the reason for the 'entrance' being higher on the sweaters than on Trayvon's body.

    As Zimmerman grabbed and pulled Trayvon's sweaters toward himself, Trayvon tried to back away. Georgie extended his arm, held the gun right up against Trayvons clothing, and pulled the trigger. Thus, the 'intermediate' shot to Trayvon's chest.

    It also fits with Georgie's little statement about being careful not to shoot himself in the left arm.

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    John: That bothers me, too, that Zimmerman shows nothing in the line of regret. Nothing.

    And it down right upsets me to think Zimmerman actually 'frisked' Trayvon after he shot him dead. I can't stand the thought of his murdering hands doing that. Ugh!

    Okay, I think my rant is over.

    However, he admitted he shot Trayvon, so why can't he say something like he thought Trayvon was that Burgess character, (because I'm not so sure Georgie knew the SPD had made an arrest.)

    And then say something like he is very sorry that he hunted down an unarmed seventeen year old youth, who had nothing but candy in his pocket.

    He could still say the youth became agressive and made his little whimpy self fear for his life; and he could still hide behind the 'stand-your-ground' law.

    So why not at least apologize sincerely--none of this 'God's plan business. Please.

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    @Dave and Nan11,

    I have no doubt that any SGY-hearing in this case will fail. Among others, there is (a) no evidence of self-defense (except for, as Dave explained, the non-life threatening wounds sustained by Zimmerman), (b) there are objective evidence to impeach literarily every component of Zimmerman’s storieS, (c) Zimmerman himself impeaches Zimmerman in many of his well-documented storieS, etc. So I think that the SGY-hearing will fail and O’Mara knows that too.

    Regarding the question 'what will O'Mara do'? I think O’Mara will either:

    a. Appeal the Order to deny Motion to Disqualify and file for a writ of prohibition (and I think that the Motion to Disqualify will ultimately fail);


    b. Quit the case.

    If neither of the above happens, I shall have completely lost the remaining respect I have left for O’Mara (who should not have filed the Motion to disqualify in the first place).

    [Well, I guess we know the answer. Appeal, Appeal, Appeal! Let's wait and see if there's a reaction from Judge Lester...]

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterIntel

    Mark O'Mara, " Unfortunately"
    " I wouldn't want to be in a little space the size of my lawn"
    " Shellie can't get a job because George's life is in danger"
    "Cutie Pie is really suffering"
    On and on.............Poor, Poor, Poor Georgie
    "Everything has been misrepresented" ??????? Yep, it sure has



    This man HAD to resort to using a gun which he should have not been carrying in the first place.
    (am I wrong about this?)
    This man just COULDN'T physically handle this BIG TEENAGE BAD BEAR!
    I now see Mark O'Mara as completely in tune with George! His "poor George"(and Shellie) really got to me this day. I didn't expect him to say anything negative in the position of defense but to pour it on as he did was, at least to me, disgusting. He is treating George like he is the poor little two year old that has to stay in his crib for awhile so he can't get hurt. Boo Boo Baby!!

    Actually I am surprised at myself for my own attitude in this case, but enough is enough! Sorry.

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    What is Judge Lester going to do? How many judges can a defense try to go through before they stop trying to have a judge recuse himself? Mark O'Mara has a lot of confidence in himself, or else he is a very good actor. I don't know Dave, can't say O'Mara is George's puppet right now, "peas in a pod", is more what they appear.

    [On the new post, I'm really going to dig into the new writ of prohibition. What struck me as being very odd was last week's statement to file a SYG motion and today he says it won't work. Huh?]

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Well, dang, real life called and I had to miss the presser. Double dang. I see there were even links for it.


    Anyway--here is my take from a few 'tweets':

    Dave will need to do one of his fabulous posts on this because O'Mara is saying that as the facts do not appear to support a SYG hearing, O'Mara wants a self-defense immunity hearing. What?

    O'Mara thinks that what really happened is that Trayvon broke Georgie's nose and Zimmerman was reacting to that. Oh, I find that is rich! That night at the police station Zimmerman was hardly concerned about his nose. And let's remember the guy with the cell phone, right at the scene, who took pictures of the back of George's head. No frontal nose pictures! (Only the one in the police car which was taken by an officer so they could pass it around for identification purposes.)

    It was only later that Georgie realized that the back of his head wounds could speak for themselves. (And were far, far from appearing life threatening.) Thus Georgie 'developed' the story of the broken nose, once it was too late to prove or disprove. (Sort of like a mysterious neck/back injury that the insurance companies can't deny because it can't be proved or disproved.)

    And Mr. O'Mara has apparently filed a 30 or 40 page motion to appeal Judge Lester's decision to stay on the case. I don't think it's filed yet--it will be a while before we see it.

    Oh, yes, Georgie is almost broke--I guess he can claim this even though we have no idea as to how much money was hidden in safe-deposit boxes.

    And, there is a 5K reward offered for the disclosure of Zimmerman's address. Now, I have not heard a whisper about any such thing.

    And, O'Mara is hoping 'race' will keep its ugly head raised. He says the FBI investigation could become 'evidence' as they found no proof of such. I remember what Dave said: if race enters into the trial, Zimmerman will walk. And I believe it, too.

    Well, that is my summation. Anyone else want to share? Please, so I don't feel like such an idiot.

    [I'm a'workin' on it, nan11...]

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Oh, thank you, New Puppy.

    I didn't your comments until I posted mine.

    I agree that he should not have been allowed to carry a weapon due to his past record, (and maybe medical history.)

    Somehow that slipped through. An unfortunate error--to say the least.

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Nan11, Too bad Trayvon didn't have his knees on George's b--s while he was doing all that pounding to his head! I wonder which would have given the biggest explosive BANG! Hard to say, since he is be pea sized in both areas. I agree, if race inters, Z will walk. do you think it is headed in that direction? This is a tough one to keep race out, because Z has shown in every way to be racist. imo

    Any thought that Taaffee had called George Zimmerman before George left his house that early evening and that was why he went "shopping"? You probably can tell me if there was any phone call made from Taaffee to George before the time George said he left his house. I do not recall. Thanks.

    August 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    New Puppy: Oh, yes. Too bad about the knee position--with your suggestion Georgie would have, indeed, had a broken nose and them some--which would have served him darn well right!

    I do find it hard to leave race out; but, where I see it most is in the handling of the early investigation. While I do absolutely agree that Zimmerman is racist (my opinion only)--I agree with Serino's statement that on the particular night in question Georgie was mostly under the influence of his 'little hero complex.'

    Except for the release of an almost partial phone record of Trayvon's being released, I have not seen any others. A lot of people would like to get their 'eyes' on them.

    I have to admit that I have been paying a little bit of attention to the 'conspiracy' theories.' LOL

    But, really, I don't thinks so. I think Zimmerman was the lone ranger that night. Some of why I feel that way is because Trayvon only told DeeDee about one creepy guy following him. I think he would have had time to tell her about a group.

    Just my thoughts, though, and I could most certainly be wrong.

    [I will tell you that I do not support a theory that includes anyone other than George. He acted alone. I will go with the LE investigation and what the State is claiming. PERIOD. To veer off course is how conspiracy theories start. Perhaps Casey was in on it, too. After all, George is the father, right? Which George?]

    August 13, 2012 | Registered Commenternan11

    Okay, from the video, nan11, that you called to the attention of Intel, it looks like George is insisting that his arm was outstretched as he pulled the trigger. There's something to that. TM was not on top of him the way he said to the investigator in that video-no way for that to have been the case and yet GZ has his gun-arm stretched out like that.

    Although I think this case will be decided in the jurys' minds once they hear that GZ had two opportunities to introduce himself to TM before the scuffle and fatal shooting the rest of the presentation by the PA will be easy-peasy and I think GZ can thank himself for shooting himself in the foot, so to speak. He deserves the maximum sentence, imo.

    And those wounds are jagged. I would think that if he was getting his head bashed in by the cement those little cuts would be large, straight gashes. I still think it was a tree!

    August 20, 2012 | Registered CommenterSherry

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