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    New Photo of Casey Emerges

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    Reader Comments (43)

    Big or small, blonde or brunette... she is what she is. The best moments of her life have already happened.

    June 8, 2012 | Unregistered Commentercereusle

    That is great, Dave!

    June 8, 2012 | Registered CommenterMary Jo

    Hi Dave, Love it! I wish it was true but she is way too vain for that. Think I'll have an icecream cone.

    June 8, 2012 | Registered CommenterFrankie

    Is it Mom's Homemade Chilli, or hitting the Olive Garden too often?? Whatever, the EVIL still shines through!

    June 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterMary Beth

    What a Hoot!!! We all now that Casey trolls all the web sites to see what people are writing or saying about her - and this photo has to have her LIVID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    HAHAHAHAHA!!! Hey, Casey - how's that Bella Vita working for you???!!! Caylee is fine in the arms of the Lord in heaven ...But what are you going to say when you meet your Maker?? You can't lie then!!

    June 8, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJnpgh

    Dave~ ~ since a sociopathic narcissist welcomes both negative and positive recognition... you are just feeding Casey's ego. She probably is tickled to death that you have not forgotten her... Shame on you!

    June 8, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    Yes, Snoopy, it IS rather flattering.

    The color, I mean....

    June 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterKaren C.

    Karen C~ ~ I never even picked up on that blue......LOL.. I think Dave has some hidden fantasies and we are just beginning to find out. He always maintained that he looked good in blue... regardez his banner...

    June 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    YIKES!!! Blue is no longer my favorite color!

    June 9, 2012 | Registered Commentershyloh

    Thanks Dave...I needed a good laugh today.

    June 9, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterEstee

    That is a great picture - I also had a great laugh.

    June 9, 2012 | Registered CommenterNika1

    I can't stop chuckling about this one. This is how the world see's Casey - a true glutton of all the richest pleasures in life...

    June 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterMystical Pippin


    June 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames L. McIntyre

    Mr McIntyre~~once again, you have left me speechless. Did you notice that Ms Casey has put on a tad of weight?

    June 11, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth


    June 11, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames L. McIntyre

    Attention-James L. McIntyre

    I rec'd the following via email from Sempre Invictus so am passing it on to you...

    Snoopy, I have tried several days to comment at Dave's and can't. All goes poof. I would very much like to leave the following message for Mr. McIntyre.

    Mr. McIntyre, Bless your heart, the sleep fairy seems to have sprinkled too much dust on you. Please share this information with the individual for whom it would do the most good. In case you haven't heard since you woke up, Ms. Anthony is no longer incarcerated and is living somewhere in Florida for the time being. Since it appears you must have been out of touch for some length of time, your valuable time playing catch up would be much better spent locating Casey. Especially given that she plans to move to Coasta Rica once her probation is complete. So time is of the essence. If you can't locate her in the short term, might I recommend keeping track of her scheduled civil court appearances over the next year and tracking her down at the courthouse. A YouTube message to her might be another useful venue as well.
    However, you might be distressed to learn that Ms. Anthony no longer seems to be interested in being reunited with her daughter. If this turns out to be true, a quick visit to her parents house might provide you with the audience you are so desperately seeking. Last I heard, Casey's mom might be just the ticket.

    June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    I helped capture Robert William "Willie" Pickton, Lorenzo Bahena Sanchez, Helped recover Chandra Levy's remains a year and 10 months BEFORE the man walking his dog stumbled across her body.
    Kept Country Singer Tanya Tucker from being killed and solved her friend's homicide, Richard "Skul" Skulman Murder. I pointed out it was Susan Smith that murdered her boys, four days before it became obvious to everyone that the black carjacker didn't exist My voice was broadcast all over SC!). Prison doesn't agree with her. My last case was a Double Homicide in Cromwell, Minnesota, My late Father's old home town. This CHILD KIDNAPPING case is and was the most screwed up case since the Jon Benet Ramsey murder case. The two intruders/murderers were Michael Landon Helgoth, forever twenty-six years old and John Edward Kenady 58, he murdered little Jon Benet Ramsey after an attempted rape. He also has a previous conviction for child rape! Jodi Huisentruit's mortal remains are in Saint Cloud, Minnesota and her killer Keith Dwayne Nelson Federal Inmate 07440-031 is currently on Death Row in Terre Haute, Indiana. The I-70 Killer the FBI have been looking for since 1992 is Donald Albin Blom serving his time at Greene in Waynesburg, Pennsylvania. S.anta B.arbara T.ennis C.lub is what S.B.T.C. means. Michael Helgoth owned a shirt and baseball cap and they were from the Santa Barbara Tennis Club, since gone out of business.

    Jennifer Renee Odom of Blanton, Florida a.k.a. Queen of Diamonds playing cards Deck One
    Jennifer was Murder Victim One of Keith Dwayne Nelson 07440-031. I promised Rene Converse I would find her daughter's killer, I have!

    Most Murder Cases remain unsolved because of incompetent Police work.

    James L. McIntyre
    McIntyre Consulting

    Snoopy, are you aware that Homeland Security video recorded Caylee's kidnapping and even time-coded the kidnapping down to the last second?! Judge Belvin Perry Jr. is facing a twenty year prison term for FELONY WITHHOLDING.

    Sixto Carillo Jr. is known to be the New York City Boyfriend of Zenaida "Zanny"
    Fernandez-Gonzalez! Has Yuri N. Melich ever heard of an alias?!
    Most of my Information came from the files of the Orange County Sheriff's Office, Homeland Security and the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office. I READ their files, even when they do not.
    Attending Pathologist was 85% certain these WERE NOT the remains of Caylee Marie Anthony! Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen in public at a Christmas Pageant in Los Angeles, California held on December 18, 2008 the day before she was declared deceased. Caylee was with Gloria Fernandez-Gonzalez, and both of her parents, Gloria and Victor Fernandez! Caylee was recognized by EVERYONE at the retirement village. She was kept in Bungalow 19 from December 19 until the early morning hours of January 1, 2009. Gloria had a chance for a job as a Nanny, she now works as a Nanny to three young Spanish-speaking girls in the Upper West Side in New York City! Gloria is fluent in BOTH Spanish and English, which gave her the edge. Caylee Marie Anthony is now known as little Miss Gonzalez, with the BIG BROWN EYES! The residents of 969 Amsterdam Avenue don't know she is Caylee Marie Anthony, Kidnap Victim. Miss Gonzalez can also count to forty in fluent Spanish. If you want True Justice for Caylee! "Knock On Heaven's Door" also known as Apartment 2R.

    June 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames L. McIntyre


    June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterKaren C.

    Mr McIntyre~~WOW, after all that hard work, you deserve a vacation.

    June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    Attention, Mr McIntyre... it seems you have a is another comment from Sempre Invictus..

    Snoopy, I am still unable to comment at Daves. If you would be so kind as to c&p on my behalf.

    Now I'm really upset! At nearly 7 years of age, little Miss Gonzales can only count to forty in Spanish? My three year old grandchild can count to fifty in English and Spanish. And she most certainly has mastered additional words and phrases in both languages. She is even capable of carrying on a conversation. Although it is difficult at times to understand what she is saying. It is now obvious that this poor child is being neglected and is receiving little or no education.

    Snoopy, Before Mr. McIntyre even thinks of taking a vacation, he needs to turn his information over to the New York State Department of Education and CPS as well. I realize how exhausting it must be to bring oneself up to date about the latest happenings after being away for over a year, so I feel it is incumbent upon a man of such superior investigative and consulting skills to cover all the bases.

    Please Mr. McIntyre, forward this information to individuals and organizations who can do something about this situation, and while you're at it, look into Casey's possible involvement in the kidnapping, since she has claimed through her attorney that Caylee has drowned in a tragic swimming pool incident. I for one would sleep much better knowing that you are making up for lost time by tracking down Casey, and establishing communication with New York State officials as opposed to reaching out to members of a blog with no ability or authority to investigate an obvious abuse of kidnappers powers and responsibilities. Unbelievable. A seven year old who lives in a bilingual home and can only count to forty in Spanish. This is an outrage! Please Mr. McIntyre, before it is too late, do something to prevent yet another child from becoming functionally illiterate. It is the least you can do for little Miss Gonzales.

    June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    KNBC Channel 4 News has two 3/4 inch video tape(s) showing Caylee wading in a swimming pool in Los Angeles, California during Christmas Vacation 2008 with nearly 100 witnesses to prove it. KNBC reported a Caylee Marie Anthony sighting on their On Line Edition broadcast on December 23, 2008.
    Chief Judge Belvin Perry Jr. interfered in the Federal Jurisdiction of Federal Chief Judge Anne C. Conway. Interstate kidnapping is a FEDERAL crime. INTERSTATE FLIGHT TO AVOID PROSECUTION is a FEDERAL crime. Numerous violations of The Mann Act is several FEDERAL CRIMES. There is a Homeland Security Disc being ILLEGALLY HELD in Room 106 of Orange County Court House in the lone file cabinet, second drawer from the top (keyed lock drawer) in a small legal expandable file. The Deputy Sheriff's handwritten and typed reports as to what is on the Disc is in the Large expandable file directly behind the small file, both files are in front of the file cabinet. This is known as Felony Withholding and it is twenty years imprisonment for Orange County Circuit Court Judge Jose R. Rodriguez and Vicki Crouse Cooper. They are mishandling Government property in a felony kidnapping case. Gloria Fernandez-Gonzalez is clearly visible talking on a pay phone and is pacing up and down, three seats to the left of the screen is Caylee Marie Anthony.
    This Homeland Security Disc exists, I have seen it and it was Caylee! There are eight video tapes and all clearly show Caylee Marie Anthony and Gloria Fernandez-Gonzalez, her former Nanny and now her Kidnapper!


    Gloria then moved in with sister Daisy until July 2, 2008 AirTran Airways Flight 862. Look up the Passenger Manifest, the name Caylee Marie Anthony is on the list. Nicholas Hunt met Caylee Marie Anthony on the flight and introduced herself as Caylee Marie Anthony! Gloria L. Gonzalez and Victor Fernandez live together in Bungalow 19 and they are ACCOMPLICES to Caylee's Kidnapping. So is Gloria's Sister Samantha Gonzalez-Hernandez who attempted to kidnap Caylee on June 16, 2008 and started a fight with Gloria because there are too many witnesses! Jose Baez was not allowed to call a witness as allowed by law. This was a FEDERAL COURT'S JURISDICTION! Chloraform was listed 84 times! They couldn't even spell Chloroform right! Zenaida Gonzalez has withheld evidence and that is twenty years imprisonment. Dr. Arpad Vass LIED on the stand and that is 17 years in prison. His box is FRAUDULENT! The Orange County Sheriff's Office FORENSICS TEAM STATED 0.5 of 1 percent of Chloroform NONE! The "Body Stain" consisted of Spaghetti sauce and Beef "Meatballs" grease and they tested it four different ways! The body in the swamp was a BABY GIRL and the killer was a MALE between the ages of 18 to 22 years old! Does that sound like Casey Anthony?


    This is the current address of the very much alive Caylee Marie Anthony!

    Caylee was first seen by the residents of 969 Amsterdam Avenue on January 8, 2008 and she has lived in two different Apartments in this building since her arrival in New York City on January 7, 2009. I have reported this to Sergeant John Allen, FBI Agent John Allen, of which there are two and to both the New York Police Department 24th Precinct and the New York City FBI Office, to no avail.

    The Atlanta Police have two Airport Security Tapes showing Gloria with Caylee Anthony. They are wondering why the Orlando Police Department hasn't asked for them yet? They are on file at the Main Office. It is the only Police Station they have. I also have an Orange County Sheriff Office Composite of Gloria Fernandez-Gonzalez, Kidnapper of Caylee Marie Anthony/Gonzalez.

    James L. McIntyre
    McIntyre Consulting

    June 12, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames L. McIntyre

    This is just a test

    June 12, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    Not sure if its prevelant here or not but on Pierce Morgan last night Casey was interviewed and once again proclaimed she did not kill her daughter.

    Although my opinion of this person is no secret I will entertain this new notion of innocence. If a person innocent of the charge of murder wouldn't it be logical you proclaim your innocence in the begining and or an explanation? She was incarcerated for a long time and never once gave a plausible scenario of what happened to her daughter. The theory of drowning came at the end at which time it was suggested George was involved. Once it was agreed that George could not have been involved how does the story of drowning become valid; I'd reason that one invalidates the other if the other is determined a lie?

    Only Jurors who did not know better and were ignorant found you not guilty; those of us who can read and listen and follow, even ojectively, can easily see the holes throughout your B.S story and see the truth. She murdered her daughter and the only winning way this works out is if Caylee emerges from the grave and shoots KC and or the fact that she, KC, leads a misserable existance believing the lies she has spewed since the day Caylee went missing....

    Obviously Pierce did not follow this case like some of us but just a general overview would've made this interview better. Simply asking if you, KC, were innocent why make up the story of the babysitter, a job, a beatdown, sexcapades at clubs, stealing money how does that substantiate the argument of innocence?

    [You know, BMan, one of the best points made during the trial was when Jeff Ashton said, "You don't make an accident look like a murder." To this day, that's precisely what I tell people when they ask me about whether Casey was guilty or not. There's no better way to explain it in such few words.]

    June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    BMan, Only in thought, if Casey was innocent and the defense presenting the ending as a drowning and as some have added, a cover up by Casey and George, then WHO took Caylee's little body to be discarded in the woods. Early in the case there were comments of a walk trail behind their home.
    I have this knawing at me. That the defense never mentioned one bit (or I missed it) to say anything to clarify that which should have been included at the finale of a drowning, whether accidental or deliberate which one of that family took Caylee to the place her little remains were found. At that point could the jury have demanded an answer to this question or was it too late, because I for one believe the answer could have stopped the acquittal and AT LEAST, a lesser conviction made. Thanks

    June 13, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    New Puppy,

    We've both followed this case from this site to the recently closed HM and have seen and read with our own eyes how the same material can be drastically interpreted by individuals and being a juror is no different.

    IMHO, the issue with the jury went beyond what they were instructed to do but i felt as though they rendered a NG out of spite. They had been seated for so long and had missed so many holidays with their families that they just wanted out and the best way to get out was to render NG (again IMO). Their lack of review of the case presented and the lack of questioning for such a monmental and highly media exposed case really was beyond me.

    In history there are those cases the will go down in infamy. Jack the Ripper, the Limburg Case, the Ramsey Case, and this one (IMO). I will honestly say that when Caylee first went missing I hoped that Casey was telling the truth but after about the 2nd day in the news, like many, i called B.S and followed the story ever since. This case will always live a bitter taste in my mouth and a little emptiness.

    In the end, i agree with what you said and wish that that's how it would've happened....

    [And don't forget Lizzie Borden!]

    June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    Although I'm certain Dave did not intend to have this post, which is funny, to morph into a new topic I'm certain he has better things to occupy his time than beating this dead horse but I wanted to at least point something out about the Pierce Morgan interview with Mr. Mason.

    I am by no means a phychiatrist, or an FBI/CIA agent not do i pretend to be one but after a while a person can get some perspectives about life and it translates and is accepted as more plausible then bullpuckey but, generally, people are creatures of habit. There are indiosyncracies that we all do when we speak to...well anyone. Women, for example, tend to, when nervous and are attracted to whomever they are speaking with, tend to frame their face constantly pulling their hair behind their ears. Some view this as a nervous twitch but it is done more prolephically when and girl is speaking with a person she's attracted to...subcontiously though and no its not a cue for the other to pursue but it is a hint.

    Men on the other hand do things when they lie. Some become shaky and or over explain, detailed if you will but more so men have the tendancy when they lie to have the inability to look at someone in the eye when speaking. Generally they will look away or avoid eye contact which is what I saw when Pierce interviewed Mr. Mason. Mr. Mason portrayed KC as more of a victim than Caylee stating that at no time had anyone indicated what a good mother she was....Caylee was like 2 almost 3 when she dissapeared honestly people how bad could she ultimately have been? well bad enough that she pawned her daughter off on mom and dad but grandparents love to dote and spoil their grandchildren but what did KC do that would transend into good parenting? Did she provide for the child? If i'm not mistaken her parent bought most of the needed items for Caylee which included a roof over her head.

    Mason told pierce, more or less, that KC is unfairly portrayed in the media and was condemned unfairly...what part of she lied and her child is dead equates to anything other than the portrayal the public sees her in? She will go down in history of one of the worlds infomous child killers and only her pretty face will make people pause to consider her story but we, well most of us, see KC as the monster she is...

    [You can beat it for all it's worth, BMan. Casey is what she is - a subject for ridicule.]

    June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    BMan, I'm taken by your insight and honesty. Yes, I have noticed quite often that her pretty face is like a thin veil over evil. There are times in Casey's expression that the mixture of the two clearly shows itself and it is scary. I don't know what to say about the attorneys, tending to appreciate the position of the "job" they have as a necessary part of our justice system. I do not see the need for any one of them to keep on illustrating that Casey is innocent of killing Caylee and should just stay away from interviews on it. She is out and free so why not let her fend for herself at least that would be some sort of punishment, because I don't think she can fend for herself very well at all. However, I wish little Caylee were not dead, I wish it were not true that Casey killed her, I wish it could be found and proven that she did not do this, that would at least bring ME to a place of reconcilliation with the the procedure taken in the end by the defense. I do believe that the whole family knew from its beginning exactly what happened to Caylee.

    Piers Morgan is not a host that wants to put himself in the position of seeming like anything more than the "good guy" and does not handle anything challenging well. His best is with the celebrity.
    I can't believe that an interview such as with Casey and Mason was not a pre-prepared one, being so directed at putting the toe in the water, so to speak, to see how well Casey and her remarks would be accepted as time goes on. Obviously she is protected and cared for, we don't need any more of her but these interviews are to generate more viewing of the upcoming movie, imo.

    Here too, on Piers Morgan show, why were there no questions, just statements favoring Casey. See what I mean, the question of WHO discarded Caylee's body is never asked. Why not is what I want to know. A perfect time would have been right there on his show because if Mason wants everyone to believe in Casey's innocence, and George was the guilty. "Mr. Mason, you have brought Casey to an acquittal, by George's having been the guilty, so is he the one who also tossed Caylee's body to the wolves" Surely Casey told Mr. Baez and Mr. Mason who did that.

    I heard a brief somewhere recently that something has been found to declare Lizzy Borden was innocent, did you hear anything about it. Can't remember where it was right now. Thanks

    June 14, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Well New Puppy, at times my honestly is a little brutal but straight-up is how I like my drinks so I figure, regardless of the toes I crush or the possible feeling hurt, being a little blunt and always truthful (well at least to the best of my abilities ha-ha) is my motto.

    When I see KC I see all the teenage girls I knew in school. Their perfect hair, slender bodies, flirtatious eyes and sure I’ve been under those spells but those relationships were short lived and what I found is that their entire life had been/were on cruise control because their looks gave them what they wanted. At no time were they ever held accountable for their actions and or their actions were met with less severity than, let’s say, the not so bold and beautiful. A simple bat of the eyes and the beauty becomes the temptress manipulating your hands and your mind. That’s the only explanation I can fathom explaining why she put on such a charade when taking detectives to Universal. Even after the guard said there was no one listed by that name.

    Please let me take a moment to SCREAM!!! at the jurors who didn’t even consider this when looking at this case as a whole...a’holes-baffling.

    Like you I wish on many things. The tragedy with Caylee is definitely one I find I wish for but at the same time her death lead to a serious issue about the responsibility of young parents and the delusions of “Little Ms. Poppy Pants” as there are plenty of them out there. I hate her so much it gives me energy. Her NG verdict left more questions than the actual murder as it left so many things unexplained and really boggled the mind.

    Pierce was kinda gifted with speaking with KC as it was unintended or unscheduled he just simply made a request and Mason accommodated him. Sure, KC was able to speak her peace and tell the world what a gift Caylee was and that she was the best thing ever to happen to her…again how old was Caylee when KC killed her…like 2-2 ½ right? Usually children are the best thing ever after several years as you make this determination as a moment of reflection…how much parenting did KC do to make such statements? If one is to believe that Caylee died then KC let he die (drowning is a plausible scenario but chloroform levels are hard to set aside and require a good explanation) so how, if Caylee drowned can KC say she was the “best thing ever”? I have a hard time allowing my two boys go to the trash can by themselves and they’re older than Caylee was…I watch them like a hawk to ensure they stay on the sidewalk…in order for Caylee to get to the swim pool she had to circumvent the security gate…overcome her knowledge that she can’t swim and jump-in? Every photo is of Caylee in floaties and or a life vest and 2 year olds have a good understanding of safety. Although I have issues with Cindy I will give her credit for being an attentive grandmother so I’m certain (stack of Bibles certain) that Caylee knew the importance of the floaties/life vest and not to swim without adults…certain.

    Again, I digress. I think it is a slippery slope if allegations were to try and include George as the possible murderer. I’m no lawyer but to make allegations like that, or insinuate, is the definition of defamation of character and without substantial proof I think there is a liability thing…but, like I said, I’m no lawyer. George was simply a patsy, a scapegoat, reasonable doubt nothing more. George may have left a sour taste for many people and although with some merit I do not for one second believe he had any involvement with the brutal murder of his granddaughter nor did he have prior knowledge. Tears can be faked but the emotion along with the tears at trial, to me, spoke volumes.

    Can anyone say when Casey grieved…cried…lets not forget Caylee was the best thing that ever happened to her…which explains the partying, clubbing…Mason equates this to bad coping…once, just once in all the volumes of legal cases, murders find an example of a mother whose child had been missing for an extended period of time not mention it to LE, her parents, her friends…store clerk, boyfriend, mailman (or male man), a priest, a cleric…anyone…seriously anyone…find me a documented case unless the death of the child was with purpose and intent would this make sense….

    Thanks Dave for allowing me to beat this dead horse (somebody get me a bazooka ☺) , this comment makes page 84 of saved comments regarding the Caylee Anthony Case…saved mind you.

    June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    BMan, your emotion in this is loveable, bringing up intricate thoughts I never include in mine. I still will hold tight and think all, ok I'll give a little and just say most of the family knew from the beginning and George was as least "willing" to be the scapegoat. If I may, my reasoning is that I found the month of Cindy's search to be deliberate, as much time as possible, given for the decay of Caylee, that she would not be found at all or at least not in time to determine more of her killer's DNA to be present. I can not give Casey credit for having been so immaculate in the preparation of Caylee's body to not have left any iota of her DNA , for instance, on that tape, unless after murdering, she had gloves (I know weather is a consideration in lack of killer evidence) This part of the scenario is just too much for me to find Casey having the foresight, on her own, to handle a body after murder that causes me to include family. I think it is ok to talk about her here, since the picture went up, and we have kept it part of this particular post, away from the death of Trayvon Martin. Anyway, thank you for allowing me to say a bit. Your responses are much appreciated. Thanks!

    June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Commenting on this a little late but found New Puppy's and Bman's comments of interest. My take: Cindy knew her daughter was a manipulator and a poor mother before Caylee went missing (based on her counseling sessions and threatening Casey with custody when she found Casey). Cindy finally blew her top at Casey's behavior resulting in a huge fight. Casey and Caylee left the next day for Casey to supposedly go to work. As we know from the cell phone pings Casey never left the area and there is a 2 hour ping-less window from about 4:30 - 6:30 pm. It is in this time frame that something happened to Caylee. Casey had been calling her mother to watch Caylee so she could have her date that eve. Cindy didn't answer the phone because she was still mad at Casey from the fight the night before. Caylee somehow dies that afternoon at home. Casey may have hit her, maybe Caylee drowned in the pool, maybe Casey chloroformed her. We don't know exactly what happened. Casey thinks I've got to make this look like a kidnapping. Puts duct tape across her mouth. Because Casey is in a hurry she puts duct tape on as quickly as possible so it's not a real neat job across her face. Then she puts Caylee in a laundry bag so that the body is contained and then into a garbage bag so that she can take her out to her car and look like she's carrying a bag of garbage should she be spotted. I do believe that Casey may have been in a state of shock at this point which is why she can put Caylee in the trunk and then go on to have her date with Tony. She throws a bag of trash from Tony's apt in her trunk so that it can look like she has garbage in her trunk and throw off the smell should anyone see into her trunk. At some point over the next couple of days Caylee is letting off too much odor so she throws the bag in the swampy area. The smell continues to haunt her car so she eventually abandons the car next to the dumpster with a hope of it covering her car's smell and her car's odor lessening. She covers her tracks with her mother by the 31 days of lies and the ZG story. Cindy and George go into denial. They know their daughter is not a good mother but they never suspect that Casey would actually harm Caylee or let something happen to her which is why they let the 31 days of lies go on for so long with no action on their part. Cindy once again reaches the end of her rope and finds Casey. Cover-up for Casey's behavior begins when she stays in denial that her daughter could actually do something heinous to her grandchild. Cindy grasps for every theory that would let Casey off the hook.
    According to Mason since Casey was found not guilty then she must not be guilty. Wrong Mason. How many people are let free because of juries that could not see the truth? It happens. She is still guilty!

    June 15, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterPatti O

    Patti O, I think you are the one most likely closer to having a very good and reasonable conclusion. It is pretty straight on with common sense. Common sense being a very important reliable source over my stretching and searching for answers which will probably never come to be known completely. Most people have closed the pages on this murder. I like to read any theory that may still be brought into discussion.

    June 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    Does anyone remember who first mentioned it was Caylee Marie Anthony? Nancy Grace! Need I say more?

    Caylee Marie Anthony was last seen in public at a Christmas Pageant held on December 18, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. Caylee was seen in the company of Gloria Fernandez-Gonzalez 29. Her parents (Grandparents) were Gloria Latrina Gonzalez-Fernandez and her husband, Gloria's Step-Father Victor Fernandez who share Bungalow 19. They are still married according to the names on the mailbox. KNBC Channel 4 News On Line Edition as broadcast on December 23, 2008 by Former NBC Investigative Reporter Grace Lee, who knows how to report the News in a responsible and timely manner. She found the hiding place when Gloria's money ran out. Her parents are ACCOMPLICES to the kidnapping of Caylee Marie Anthony nearly 7 years old. Casey knew Gloria as "Zanny".

    Gloria Latrina Gonzalez
    Unit 3310
    5550 East Michigan Street
    Orlando, Florida 32822
    Phone number unlisted or disconnected.

    If I can find this address, why couldn't Corporal Yuri N. Melich?

    Sister Daisy Gonzalez-Rodriguez lives nearby.

    James L. McIntyre
    McIntyre Consulting

    Texas Eqqusearch has provided false evidence (body IS NOT Caylee!) and false testimony. Dr. Arpad Vass is guilty of the same charges! 3D Skull reconstruction has been standard operating procedure for twenty years since May 29, 1991. These tests were not conducted on the remains of the BABY JANE DOE. Killer was a MALE KILLER. Recovery of body was done wrong. Sheffield England trains people to recover skeletal remains in the proper manner and this clearly was not done right. You put flags out and mark where the body parts, bones are. The duct tape near the mouth was put there by the Orange County Medical Examiner's Office who has destroyed evidence IE the body in an UNRELATED Homicide case, a Class A Felony!

    June 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterJames L. McIntyre

    Patti O

    What you said sounds very reasonable to me.

    June 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterAmber from Maryland

    James - I have always given everyone a chance to state their case. I have never stopped you, obviously, even though Casey herself admitted that her daughter drowned. That alone should be enough to prove the girl is deceased.

    I am not opposed to anyone who offers an opinion that goes against the grain. After all, I am a left-handed artist, so I know all about off-the-wall ideas. However, in your case, it's the same story - day in; day out - with nothing new to stimulate a the conversation and make it compelling.

    While I've given you ample opportunity to explain your side of the story, it's like a broken record. Aside from that, which is highly monotonous, I have had a number of complaints from some of my readers. They are becoming repulsed by it. Therefore, I have decided to put your comments in the moderation filter, meaning that if you have nothing new to offer, your comments from here on out will not be published. I'm sorry. What you say doesn't really bother me. I'm used to it, but others don't see it that way and I can truly empathize with them. I hope you understand my decision. If you wish to contact me privately about the matter, you know my e-mail address.


    June 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

    Dave and Snoopy, Sorry to have brought any conversation here. Also apology to BMan, and Patti O. I didn't ask before coming in here with comment.

    June 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterNew Puppy

    New Puppy - You are free to comment anytime and anywhere you want about anything and everything. You never need to apologize to me or anyone else. Ever! Your comments are just as important as everyone else's, too. What you contribute is more than just relevant, it's intriguing and stimulating.

    June 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

    Like Dave said New Puppy, apologize are not needed as you are not limited to what you comment on. A lot of people still are very pasionate on the subject and I doubt it will subside soon. My comments are of how I feel still to this day about this case. True there are many senarios of what happened and Patti O's made sense. Regardless of its relevancy now it does allow those of us who belive she is guilty a little peace, so to speak.

    In a similar fashion as Patti O my thought on the duct tape went as far as to have it placed on her mouth when she knocked her daughter out in order to go clubbing. My thought was that due to the chloroform levels (and there was no reasoning behind the volumes found) it was my belief that it played an intricate role in subduing Caylee. To keep Caylee quiet while she was at the bar and expecting her to wake up after dosing her she placed the 3 strips of duct tape to keep her quiet when she woke. My guess is that due to the affects of Chloroform Casey did not expect that her breathing would stop as the body will either breath through the mouth or nose. My guess is that, like most children, she didnt breath through the nose when he mouch was covered and suffocated. Seems outlandish I know and there are no studies that suggest this as a remote possibility but I see it as plausible.

    Although accidental perhaps my feeling of understanding went out the door when I found out her daughter was missing for 30 days.

    Listen in the end most people can theorize a possible scenario and most of them would be better then blaming a non-existent babysitter who does not reside at the place you dropped your kid off at...

    On a side note: from what's been commented on KC is at or near a church and is being "watched"...funny thing that she's at a Church or finds solace at one...

    June 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    Mr. McIntyre's initial comment on Caylee Marie Anthony and who orchestrated calling her this, being NG. Just commenting on this aspect of the comment I find that most people are on two sides of the fence when it comes to NG. Sure in the beginning I found myself watching her 11pm my time and for the most part she did not really give "breaking news" as her show would proclaim and to the most part i felt as though her stories were a bit contrived and, to some degree, she was in it for her own notoriety and self promotion but I had to remember that she had been on aire longer than the Caylee story so my thoughts of her more or less digressed. As to why she used Caylee Marie Anthony was to make the victim a person. She gave validity to this child and made sure that by calling her her full name that she was honoring Caylee (that's my belief anyways) but nothing more. It just seemed to drive home the atrotiousness of the crime calling her by her full name...put it in a different perspective....

    June 18, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    Dave, I have always had a theory about what happened. I believe that Cindy and Caylee went home that Sunday night, after Cindy found out about Casey stealing from her grandfather, and they really had it out and Casey took Caylee then and Casey was so mad at her mom and Caylee started crying for her grandma, that Casey probably stopped the car wherever they were and wrapped duct tape around Caylee's head to shut her up, because she was unconsolable. I have always hoped this wasn't the case, but it alway stays in the back of my mind. Do you remember George really couldn't remember the last time he saw them and Cindy didn't look in on them before she went to work that day.

    June 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCindy Edenfield

    Because Dave is allowing me to continue with beating this "dead horse" I thought it necessary to read Mr. McIntyre's post in its entirety. Like Dave said, everyone is allowed to comment and, like him, I too am left handed so our thoughts can often be found in "left field" but regardless of how outlandish our thought process is we still maintain a level of logic (Dave’s, in my opinion, are better educated mind you).

    I found it odd that Mr. McIntyre visited this site (Marinade Dave) as I recall him from something in the past but thought it was coincidence. As you can see a Google search of Mr. McIntyre’s name populates several results [above] and he has posted the same theory since 2010. Although I love a good camp fire story and everyone has a different spin, or take, on what really transpired that fateful day in June everyone (and I mean everyone!!) concludes that the body found in the woods that day in December belong to little Ms. Caylee Marie Anthony.

    Mr. McIntyre alleges that there were several mistakes made by investigating officers and the Dr. G did a half assed job (my words taken from the jist of his argument) and that LM was inept (my words taken from the jist of his argument).

    In reviewing Mr. McIntyre’s comment I see that he references Scotland Yards and his involvement with the solving of several murders…I’m reminded of an old saying that you shouldn’t believe everything you read… According to the first Google page not only does Mr. McIntyre’s continued pressure in getting people to believe his story from one website to another (the above is just on copied site) but with it comes other stories involving a Mr. James L. McIntyre whose license (BAR) has been suspended indefinitely. Apparently James L. McIntyre was a practicing lawyer. Now, in review of this, it’s easy to ascertain that our Mr. McIntyre and the indefinitely suspended McIntyre are one in the same. Truth is in the writing right or what I like to say is “the Devil’s in the details”.

    But that old saying: “don’t believe everything you read” kept rearing its ugly head. There is a possibility that although their names are spelled the same that they could indeed be two separate individuals so therefore I should not believe everything I read…correct? By inferring such takes away from the credibility of the posting made by Mr. McIntyre but further exploits his irrational thought and premise to this tragedy.

    Its easy playing “arm chair detective” because, quite honestly, I/You don’t have to leave the comforts of home and delve into the public eye. Simply imputing names into a data base is easier done than it is said. So by you uncovering a girl who was part of a California Beauty Pageant that has a similar name that must be the same Caylee Marie Anthony killed by her mother who proclaims that a Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez kidnapped her daughter as a made up story when her walls were coming down? Perhaps you are of the same opinion that there are no other people living on this earth with the same name?

    I think everyone who visits Dave’s Site would agree that we wish this were a viable theory. That Caylee was living the life PPP portrayed to everyone who inquired about her. That she was at the beach, Disney World, Universal Studios, just having the best summer ever but as competent individuals we know the truth and the truth is that Caylee Marie Anthony died almost 4 years ago to the day by “unknown means”. Although Princess Poopy Pants admitted to Caylee drowning these “means” are contested, but nonetheless the mother admitted that her daughter was dead. Painstaking hours and several men and women converged on the swamp area at the end of the street where Caylee lived and scoured for bones. They carefully mapped the location of each bone found and Dr. G was assigned to identify the remains of “Jane Doe”. Dr. G did not immerse herself into the case and viewed this case with an open mind and an unbiased approach. She concluded that the Jane Doe body was that of Caylee Marie Anthony and listed her homicide by “undetermined means”. Princess Poopy Pants created a “rouse” of sorts leading everyone down a road with several proverbial forks. Mother of the Year knows the truth and for her to come out and say “Caylee was the best thing that ever happened to her” is adding to the lies that she tells herself in order for her to sleep at night.

    If PPP were to dissect “best thing ever” she’d understand the hypocrisy of the statement. PPP is an outcast and has been excommunicated by her peers. She lied, stole, and, in the end, murdered for her own selfishness and promotion (meaning she wanted to live a “single” life w/o burden).

    I do agree that Caylee is the best thing that happened to PPP because on a daily basis Caylee proves what a monster truly looks like and you don’t have to look under the bed or in the closet…she tucked her in every night!!

    June 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterBMan

    Cindy~~I am one who thinks the exact same as you. Caylee was murdered just before midnight on June 15/2008. Casey then threw Caylee in the trunk and stayed in the car all nite talking to Tony on the phone until 3 am... she stayed in the area of Hopespring.

    June 19, 2012 | Registered CommenterSnoopySleuth

    Snoopy Sleuth, I thank you for agreeing with me. It just all seems to make sense that with Casey's temper and CIndy's temper, that Caylee was just caught in the middle and Casey went ballistic and then hated Caylee for loving her mom so much.

    June 19, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterCindy Edenfield

    Might be two years late with my comment, but (once again) after my family being physically harassed, secretly watched, especially my poor 7 year old Mexican niece, who can't play freely at playgrounds due to these men with notepads constantly circling us, I just needed to do my own search online and clarify to the public and to these mental men who believes my niece is Caylee.

    Where to start, well, first of all, I have no idea how u guys found my address. 90% of the information (names, last names, siblings names, type of relationship with child) are wrong and without a doubt, can be proven in seconds if given the chance. Due to privacy I am not going to clarify and display my true personal info here so wait till we see you in court for harassing our family.

    Second, we are ALL MEXICANS! My niece, who you think is Caylee, is a pure bred Mexican, all lovely brown complexion and all. Paternity test can be done in seconds and with that, a lawsuit against you and your spying men and with this, benefits us! ;)

    Don't think we are idiots. We are tired of being bothered by you, having our address displayed here, etc. If we need to do the paternity test, we will lower ourselves and do the paternity test but guess what? we will sue you for false accusations and we will demand compensation!!

    Your lost buddy. It's a win win situation for us. We just don't like the drama but if we have to play too, we will so STOP HARASSING US!

    August 27, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterGloria Gonzalez

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