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    FLUOROURACIL, Topical Cream USP 5%

    That’s the generic form of Carac, which, in my case, is used to treat basal cell cancers and precancerous cells on my body. I use it on my head.

    I saw my dermatologist this morning. I’ve got quite a few things going on up there that warranted nitrogen freezes or the fluorouracil lotion. We opted for the lotion. I think it’s because my head would have hurt too much from all of those freezes, which feel an awful lot like second degree burns. A new prescription was sent to the pharmacy because the old one expired.

    As I was getting ready to leave, I told him I’m growing a veritable basal garden on top of my head. He and his nurse got a big kick out of it. Oh, my silly humor.

    Just remember to watch your sun exposure or you’ll end up like me. The last time I had my head cut open, the surgeon sternly told me, as he stapled it shut, that cancer is cancer and it’s something to never take lightly. While I might kid around with my doctor, I take it very seriously and that’s why I see him every six months and will for the rest of my life.