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    Hi Dave, Long time no comment from me. Been checking on you though. Glad to see you looking so well. I was thrilled you are still being recognized as "media/press" representitive. Watched voir dire on line, I waved to you lol. Great blog about it. Made me realize just how much I missed because I could not see their faces. I felt pretty plugged in till I read your blog. I'm lurking on FB through my husbands account, I don't have one. If you see a post with the initials MM & a man holding a bass that is me. I see that you are in close proximity to Jean Casarez who I love love love. Without InSession I am turning to you to explain the law. I have a question. The hearing yesterday before court about prior 911 calls from Zimmerman. During the hearing the Judge said if her memory was correct, Mark O'Mera opened the door for the prior calls to come in when he cross examined witness "K something". She said she had to listen to the testimony as well as read 6 case law presented to her by the state. She ruled them admissable. What did Mark O'Meara say during cross and is that the reason they were allowed in. As for the knock knock joke, I have the same take away as you. I think West was trying to articulate how hard it was to find a jury. He was trying to express that they are a very special group because of all they have to put aside to be fair. I think he was trying to drive home the seriousness of their responsibilities to the defendant and the process. It was a funny joke to me with poor timing & lousy delivery. Thanks for your help and so happy to still have your little corner of civility available for this trial. Stay well, I look forward to reading everything you have to say about this, Lisa

    June 26, 2013 | Unregistered CommenterLisa, PNS FL

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