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    Zenaida's Trial Against Casey Postponed


    Patience is a virtue, and we certainly did learn that from all of the postponements in Casey Anthony’s criminal trial. This time, with regard to the Zenaida Gonzalez (Plaintiff) v. Casey Anthony (Defendant) civil trial, Ninth Circuit Court Judge Lisa T. Munyon chose to postpone it until January 2, 2013. This trial had been postponed in the past for several reasons, all stemming from motions filed by the defense, but this time, both sides agreed that one more postponement was necessary. Why?

    Let’s start with the basics, beginning with what’s been going on since the start of the new year. On February 29, the defense made a request to continue the trial date by filing a motion to Abate Trial Deadlines. A continuance means to postpone a date set by the court. Last week, on March 6, the judge heard the motion and the plaintiff’s objection to the continuance. Zenaida and her team of lawyers were ready to go to trial. After hearing from both sides, Judge Munyon chose to deny the defense motion that day. Jury selection was scheduled to start on April 10, 2012, with the trial slated to begin the following week in the same courtroom as the criminal trial. That would be Courtroom 23.

    All honky dory, right? No, because on March 9, Zenaida’s attorneys filed a Notice of Conflict stating that they were scheduled to be in a Duval County courtroom trying other civil matters beginning on April 9. Their reasoning was solid. The Duval court scheduled that trial date before Munyon set this trial date in September of 2011. Munyon chose to go with what court had precedence. Since Duval set the date first, Orange/Osceola would have to wait. (See: Florida Rules 2.550(a)(6) - The case in which the trial date has been first set generally should take precedence.)

    There’s more to it than just that, though. Judge Munyon could have ignored the request had the costs of rescheduling been too much of a burden on Florida taxpayers. After consulting with court representatives and the sheriff’s office, the grand total for a continuance would come to a mere $157.00, and that includes additional summonses to prospective jurors, printing, sorting, and mailing fees. Lest you think that’s all there is, guess again. Judge Munyon wasn’t able to secure Courtroom 23 for the week of April 10, and what that translates into is that the cost to the sheriff’s office for additional security would exceed the costs expended for the summonses. That’s because there are three other courtrooms on that floor, meaning the potential for a lot of people milling around. Okay, fine, but why so long of a postponement? It’s because Courtroom 23, the only courtroom on that floor, is in use. January 2, 2013 is the earliest time it will be available for two consecutive weeks.

    So, what we have ahead of us are deadline adjustments originally set on September 1, 2011. We’re talking about 8+ months in the future now. The judge did set a two-week deadline from the date of her order (March 13) to file any notices of conflict for the new trial date. There is a hearing scheduled for March 23. The judge ordered that it remain on the docket and limited the proceeding to motions for summary judgment and all matters related to discovery, such as Gonzalez’s request for Anthony’s residential address. A motion for summary judgment, in this case, means the motion the defense filed to have the case against Anthony thrown out.

    As far as I’m concerned, we should be used to it. After three years, plus this mess, we should know by now not to hold our breath. If you think this will ever end, guess again. This time it was the plaintiff’s request that did the trick.

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    Reader Comments (8)

    I wonder if Casey will have any money by then to pay, if she is even ordered to. Any news on how the rest of the Anthony's are please Dave? Also, in Australia it is very difficult to claim damages and they can't include pain and suffering, only financial or actual loss basically. Is it similar in the States or could Zenaida potentially receive a million dollar pay out? Thanks for the update!

    March 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterTiffany

    Hi Tiffany - Casey won't have a dime in her pocket by then, and by that, I mean her backers will make sure no amount of money will be in her name.

    In this country, anyone can sue for any reason, but that doesn't mean it's ever going to amount to anything. Generally, if a plaintiff wins, they might get what they asked for, they could get less, or they could end up with more, depending on the circumstances. There are many variables, so it's not easy to answer. However, in this particular case, the plaintiff states that she lost her job and hasn't been able to work since. The defense says that she wasn't employed at the time her name popped into the news. What I can safely say is that she hasn't worked ever since. Why? My guess is that her attorneys won't allow her to work, in which case the defense could ask for all places she applied to in the past 3+ years. Odds are, she hasn't looked for a job at all. Then, the defense could portray her as lazy; that she's only after a meal ticket. Trust me, by the time the defense gets done with her, she's going to be torn to shreds. And now that the trial has been postponed for so long, will Morgan & Morgan keep coughing up the money to support her another 10 months? Who else would pay her tab?

    I haven't heard a peep out of the Anthonys in months, and I hope it stays that way, but if anytthing comes up, I'll let you know. Thank you!

    March 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

    I sincerely hope that Morgan & Morgan know what they're doing. I can't think of a valid reason why ZG would be counselled by her lawyers not to work in all these years while they support this law suit. Now another 10 months?

    Surely any potential employer in the state of Florida knows that ZG had nothing to do with Caylee's "disappearance". Seems like a heck of gamble.

    They must feel they have a good case, or they are enjoying the notoriety and subsequent business due to it.

    And when will Miss Casey find herself gainfully employed!? Probably never. As if she ever worked, and her dear mother continues to enable this irresponsible behaviour in spite of it all. Perhaps the A's are clinging to the hope that there's a huge windfall coming for killing your toddler and getting away with it. After all...Cindy's book is coming. 50/50 all the way. Thank heavens for Cindy or they would've all been homeless and destitute.

    March 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterRedrelaxed

    Hi Redrelaxed - I know that, had the trial been held as scheduled, the defense would have pounded the plaintiff over that very issue. Why hasn't she looked for work? Waiting for a pay day that will never come? This is a tough case for her to win because she has to prove that Casey ruined her life. Yes, that would have to be for the rest of her life because she has no intent to work another day, or she will be able to produce proof that she has been looking all along. The fact that this trial keeps getting moved to the back burner should say something about its importance. My guess now is that it will never make it to trial. Morgan & Morgan will absorb the costs and move on. Except that they can't. Why? Because she would turn around and sue them for poor legal advice; that she could have been seeking employment all this time instead of hanging onto a pipe dream.

    Casey work? What a laugher. She's lazy, too, and she's got a legitimate excuse. Notice I didn't say reason. Where could she go and feel safe? As for Zenaida, I wouldn't hire her because I'd be too afraid she'd sue me if I cut back her hours from 40 to 35. How can she feed all those mouths if I do that? Consequently, and my point being, no one wants to hire either one of them. For completely different reasons, of course. With Casey, it would be, "Hey, you're the girl who killed her daughter."

    With Zenaida, it would be, "You're the one who keeps suing people. You scare me. God forbid you stub a toe on my watch and can't work the rest of your life."

    The rest of the Anthonys, I don't care, but Mary Jo said Lee got married over the weekend. No Casey in attendance.

    Thanks, maybe some other news will creep up on us.

    March 13, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

    Didn't know where to put this, but on an historical case I know to be of some interest to you:

    This may prove the plausibility of the illegitimate Borden son being the culprit after all.

    March 14, 2012 | Registered CommenterKaren C.

    Interestingly, Karen, Mary Jo e-mailed me a different link to the story last night:

    Lizzie Borden Ax Murder Mystery Could Finally Be Solved With Discovery Of 120-Year-Old Journals

    I have a strong interest in the Borden story, so I thank you for your link. Who knows what may come from those journals! Thank you very much!

    March 14, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

    Just a really good comment from Paul Harvey.


    March 16, 2012 | Unregistered CommenterTommy's mom

    Good ol' Paul Harvey. What a legendary man he is. Thanks for the link, Tommy's mom, it's a nice tribute to tenders of the earth.

    March 16, 2012 | Registered CommenterDave Knechel

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