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    The Skye's the limit for George

    UPDATE 03/13/2010 - 11:30 AM



    River Allen, left, and Kalani Bowles say they are friends of Casey Anthony. They arrived at the scene where the skeletal remains of a child were found Thursday. Authorities have yet to determine if they are in fact those of missing 3-year-old Caylee Anthony. (AP Photo/John Raoux)


    The interesting thing about the above MySpace link is that this woman claims to be 38, yet Skye, 32, says River is her twin sister.

    Perhaps WFTV should have done its homework first:

    RAW VIDEO: Chaotic Scene Outside Anthony Home

    I’m not inclined to make a call one way or the other on the validity of WFTV’s BLOCKBUSTER, BUTTON POPPING, KNOCK ‘EM, SOCK ‘EM, BREAKING NEWS STORY, but I do have a few observations. Please don’t hold this against me because I’m not about to tell you it’s the absolute truth any more than I’m going to tell you it’s a lie. I say, let’s look at some of the conditions here before exploding in delight over more problems for the Anthonys. Let’s also keep in mind that if this is the smoking gun law enforcement and prosecutors want kept away from the defense and public, they failed miserably.

    Let’s start with the implications of what WFTV just published.

    1. It means that George is so ensconced in the murder and cover-up, he tutored his daughter about how to describe the fictitious nanny. It was his idea all along.
    2. It means Casey actually loves her father enough to trust him with this incredible concoction. Hell, he probably gave her the duct tape. He must have been in on the horrible death that, according to WFTV, “snowballed out of control.”
    3. It means George is an accessory to murder, despite what he initially told the FBI about the odor of death. Yes! He trained Cindy to believe the smell of a damn dead body in the car was actually a rotten pizza. Or Cindy is just as guilty and she told her lover, who, as you all know, was their private investigator until he ratted out to the state.
    4. George must have secretly schemed with Casey during the month she and Caylee were MIA, because he certainly didn’t do it after she was arrested.
    5. WFTV reported that Skye Benhaida said “her sister gave George almost $5,000 over the course of their affair and was told by investigators that George had taken money from other women as well.” ¹ Wait a second… TIME OUT! I have something to say about that from my own experiences with law enforcement. For one thing, cops aren’t known to spread gossip through a snitch. If this turns out to be true, I’d want that cop’s head on a platter. I’m going to say, flat out, that no one in law enforcement is going to tell a private citizen something like this, only for it to leak out to the media. Well, one outlet in particular. You must know how I feel about facts. Look at the hearsay trail. Cop > snitch > sister > WFTV > public. You buy that? Every word? George has a history of women paying him for sex? Or do they just like to give him money?
    6. According to Skye’s MySpace page, Skye is 32. She and George’s old squeeze, River Benhaida, River Cruz, River Allen, Krystal River, etc., etc., etc., are twins. What 30-something, hot-to-trot, babe - see above photo and make your own assessment - is going to go after a white-haired anglo-dude without a pot to pee in? Get real. What, is George known around town as Mr. Viagra? A “Tiger” in bed?
    7. Did you look at Skye’s MySpace page? This chick is from the hood. So are all of her friends. [UPDATE: Huh. Suddenly, Skye has lots more friends] Look at them. I’m not prejudiced by any means, but how many people of different ages hang around together? I don’t have many African-American friends, but not for any reason other than our circles of friends are so vastly different. In other words, we are closer in age. Where would they have met and struck up an intimate relationship? Walmart?
    8. George loves Hip Hop music. What a gangsta of love, that old devil! You go, Boy!
    9. Skye claims River “gave George almost $5,000 over the course of their affair…”??? Huh? And you believe a gorgeous “10” who comes from a whole different lifestyle is going to give money to George? What rock did you just crawl out from under?
    10. It means that George confided in someone - secrets he told no one else outside of his immediate family.
    11. It means that River had a deep and loving relationship with George in order for him to tell all. It also means there are more witnesses.
    12. Could this, like Jill Kerley, be a woman scorned, meaning he never paid her back? Never left his wife for the hot, younger woman?
    13. Be honest, ladies, would you have sex with that man, George Anthony? Better yet, would you PAY him thousands of dollars to engage in improprieties with you? If you answer yes, God have mercy, and that makes you just as much of a liar and cheat as what you blame him for, as if cheating with a married person when you are single is somehow more chaste, and in this case, suddenly, a very trustworthy woman.
    14. WFTV states that “The sister also said that she had photos on a phone of she and George in intimate situations and shared them with detectives as well as the numerous text messages they exchanged using all three of George’s cell phones.” Do audio recordings exist to verify her claim about Caylee’s death? If not, come on students of the law, is this hearsay or is it not?
    15. By the way, when did George EVER give a description of Zenaida to anyone, who he’s maintained all along he never met?
    16. Once again, I saved the best for last. Why did this bling, I mean, thing, wait until now? Let’s turn the Kerley stuff around. At least, she doesn’t live in Orlando, where there’s zero chance that someone isn’t familiar with the crime. If this affair lasted more than a year, how much of that $5,000 did she pay George to keep her mouth shut until now? Why did she use her sister as the conduit? Why not her, in the flesh, someone George allegedly knows all about?

    Don’t lay some WFTV vendetta on my lap. I don’t care if it came from any other station, I would be writing the same thing, but I am smart enough to know that one station in particular is a ratings whore, not that there’s anything wrong with that because it’s the nature of businesses to make money, but it also seems to me that Skye’s sister could fall under the same category. Only, she paid him. What a gigolo he must be.

    Pay very careful attention to this statement on WFTV’s Web site pertaining to this story. “WFTV asked George Anthony’s lawyer [Brad Conway] about the issue and he said he’s not received any information from investigators about it. Also, he would not answer any direct questions about whether George had an affair with the woman, but he did not deny that it happened.” How much more misleading can you get? This is National Enquirer stuff. If you ask me if I had sex with a woman and I declined to answer, is that supposed to be some kind of admission of guilt? This isn’t John Edwards, you know.

    Remember, it was one particular station that announced the BLOCKBUSTER, BUTTON POPPING, KNOCK ‘EM, SOCK ‘EM, BREAKING NEWS STORY that George and Cindy had inked a book deal with Simon & Schuster. You know, the one that paid off their house. The contract they never signed and the one that WFTV failed to admit was a mistake. Do not take this as a condemnation of a TV station. In my opinion, this story about George, even if true, was not in the best interests of law enforcement or the state. The way it sits now, it’s nothing more than hearsay and if there’s anything that influences a jury, stop pointing fingers at only the defense. There’s plenty of blame to go around, and this time, it’s WFTV. Unless they saw those pictures and spoke to the sister, they were obligated to discuss it with law enforcement before complicating a murder case more than it already is by breaking this story to a hungry mob. Irresponsible journalism, that’s what I call it, and it’s not hearsay. I just said it. If George had an affair, I’m not buying into the claim that he told this woman anything of the sort. I’d buy into Dominic Casey turning state’s evidence first.


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