Get rid of the name Oscar*
Friday, March 2, 2018 at 10:44AM
Dave Knechel in Acors, Actresses, Ceremony, Marinade Dave, Oscar, Oscar Award, Performers

I never cared about award shows and this weekend welcomes the grandperson** of them all, the Oscars. Whoopee! People are people and we all sit on the Jane the same way (is it fair to only call it the masculine John? If yes, then I’m calling it what it is: blatant discrimination against people named John.)

So, why do these shows exist? After all, if the country truly is trending toward equality and democratic socialism/communism, why are there ceremonies handing out manly looking statues with a masculine name?

Equality means that Jennifer Lawrence is no different from the person who was the Employee of the Month, now serving your salad, right? You can enjoy a salad as much as a movie. Which one is more satisfying? Which one costs more? Why does a “star” make more money than a fast food server when equality also means sharing the wealth? No more Employee of the Month, either. Everyone is the same.

If there is no longer a difference between genders, especially in California, where the award show is always held, why are there separate Best Actor and Best Actress categories? What is the gender-fluid word for an actor/actress?

A performer?

Why not a Best Performer award, no matter what the gender du jour?

Get rid of biased award shows or make them gender-neutral.


*My parody

**Notice I didn’t say granddaddy.

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